Australian researchers are seeking people living with severe emphysema for their study of a new two-stage procedure

If you’re an Australian aged 40+ and have been diagnosed with severe or very severe emphysema, speak to your GP or specialist about whether you qualify for the COVE Study.

COVE is an Australian study investigating the safety and effectiveness of a first-in-human procedure for those living with severe emphysema, who have ‘collateral ventilation’ – air flow between lobes of the lung which bypasses the normal airways


The COVE Study is a trial of an unproven technique. It is the first time this two-procedure approach has been used in humans.

There are inherent risks associated with this invasive treatment study that can include, but are not limited to, collapsed lung, worsening of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) symptoms, coughing up blood, pneumonia, shortness of breath,          and in rare cases, death.

Help us meet our target of more than 20 Australian participants by registering for our study today!

Study goal
AUS study participants

For more information about emphysema & the COVE Study, watch our video featuring Lead COVE Study Co-Investigator, A/Prof Gavin Wright

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Register your interest today to help us provide an additional treatment option for
Australians living with severe emphysema

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